Welcome to Mixbus Mania!!

Have you been searching for anything you can get your hands on to make your mixes stand up to the mixes you love? Have you worked for hours and hours tweaking only to be disappointed by the results? I've been there, believe me. It's soul-crushing! That's exactly what led me to try Harrison Mixbus - and I never turned back.

Maybe you've tried Mixbus, too, and you've experienced how it seems to bring that analog warmth to mixes before you even turn a virtual knob or slide a fader. Maybe you already know how its mixer-like workflow speeds up sessions and lets you focus on the art of mixing again, not on endless tweaking. I'm with you!

If you haven't, or if you simply want to learn how to master Mixbus to make even greater mixes, Mixbus Mania!! is here to be a comprehensive, entertaining resource for you. I use Mixbus for my recordings and those of my clients, and I truly believe it's the best DAW on the market - and an incredible value. I actually think the folks at Harrison are giving it away too cheaply (we are not affiliated), but who's complaining!

Mixbus Mania!! is dedicated to offering free and paid content serving the Mixbus user community - valuable content that will help you get better mixes, faster. It's a labor of love for me that brings together my years of hard won home- and project-studio recording know how with my extensive professional experience in the development of training and educational programs.

So, if you haven't started using Mixbus, don't waste another minute! Try it out with your music and see what you think. I think you'll be blown away - and when you want to dig in and really see what it can do for you, then it's time to become a Maniac!

About Vince Mazzocchi

I've been a guitarist and singer/songwriter most of my life and have been obsessed with getting pro-quality results out of home studios for almost as long. As a leader of several bands, I've recorded in studios both modest and incredible, and my skills were refined through formal and informal study and as a freelance audio engineer. A varied career path also granted me several years experience as a professional trainer creating instructional programs and teaching live classes. My passion for music and quality training that translates directly to progress and success led me to found Mixbus Mania!! to serve the growing community of Harrison Mixbus users in 2019.